Lite Touch


We have Lite Touch in our home and our equine show barn. Our clients always had unique needs even having them match wall paper design to the switch plates. We continued the relationship with Savant after they purchased Lite Touch. Now the market has changed, and there are many good products available with companies doing only lighting controls of each specific brand. Crestron, Vantage, Control 4 and Lutron etc. are just a few that Spotlight has the knowledge and capability to service and install. We try to advise the client on the pros and cons of all products keeping budget in mind, that way they are making the best decision for their specific needs. As one of the best residential lighting controls companies in Oklahoma City, we have a strong working relationship with other leaders in this field, therefore providing access to a complete line of lighting control products.



Founded in 1978, Lite Touch was the leader in customized lighting control industry, both residential and commercial installations. There systems were a specialized market and a little costlier than their counter parts such as Lutron. They did, however, offer the most futuristic options back in the day. We became Oklahoma’s premier dealer and installer until their sale in 2012 to Savant. We chose Lite Touch because they were willing to entertain almost any customization our clients could come up with. You could get on the telephone with tech support and explain the need and a few days later have a price with a new SKU to order to solve our clients wish.