Lighting is something that should create ambiance! The character and atmosphere of your place can be perfectly designed so that you don’t see the technical components but instead, are engaged by the space. Spotlight Electric offers several services to create the ideal ambiance for your beloved space. The integrity and thoughtful planning of each custom project will not only add fiscal value to your investment but also create the atmosphere which you so choose.


Spotlight Electric is where extraordinary projects have become a typical day on the job. When your clients have indoor gun ranges in their home, elevators, 3-story bathrooms, or a sound studio, everything else is easy. For Jay and Nicolette, cutting edge lighting projects entail landscape lighting, accent lighting, lighting controls, audio video installation, pool and automation. 



Professional outdoor lighting is one of the most beautiful upgrades anyone can make to enhance their home and property, not to mention enhanced security. Exterior lighting can simulate the light of the moon, protect your investment by adding safety, and bring life to a quiet corner of the yard. Spotlight Electric places fixtures properly so only the ambiance is experienced, no distractions. We have the ability to make the height and beauty of your gardens come to life! There’s no better time to enjoy Oklahoma’s cool evening breeze and just unwind from the stress of a long day.



It can make a stunning focal point and take your eyes to only what you want someone to see when they enter the room. Having hidden sources of light are more appealing to the space. Seeing the effects of lights without seeing the source is a primary objective of proper accent lighting. Dramatic accent lighting along with the correct lamps and dimmers will turn a house into your home by adding beauty, comfort, and safety. Task lighting is the the most overlooked, yet most important application in our homes. Accent lighting can be the perfect final touch to your home’s decor.



The lighting control should be effortless for the user, and intentional by the installer. Lighting controls offer several very impressive benefits to those that can afford the value of the installation. Systems give the clients the ability to provide the desired amount of light where and when it is needed. You have increased comfort when the systems are programmed to your specific lifestyle needs. When it comes to automated lighting and architectural dimming, Spotlight has over 30 years experience.  Learn more about lighting controls options along with Lite Touch.



Audio components enhance viewing pleasure and provide high quality sound anywhere you may need. We specialize in the integration of sophisticated electronics systems into reliably controlled architecture. Tying everything together is the key to a client’s satisfaction and where we truly stand out. Spotlight now has true outdoor rated components to let your entertainment follow you into the great outdoors. Outdoor systems are designed to accommodate all the latest streaming music. Quality high fidelity audio systems are available that make excellent long-term investments to your home.



Today you can connect your phone to just about anything, even your pool. Nearly any kind of equipment can be controlled wirelessly via an automation system. This lets you set the mood in your yard before you arrive home. When you have fountains, firebowls, waterfalls along with your spa, automation is everything. Spotlight worked exclusively with Pentair doing there warranty work for over 10 years racking up more experience in the field than any other contractor. Easy Touch, ScreenLogic 2 and Intelli Touch are just a few of the top products available. 



Hidden electrical problems require extreme patience and skilled expertise. You have to be able to trace and correct faults in your system. It starts with a systematic approach to the specific problem. This is a lot easier if you know the house and the electrical system.  Finding out what someone did 10, 20, or 30 years ago might be much harder. Over the years, we’ve seen that many give up on a difficult challenge because it is too hard or they just don’t have the capabilities to find the problem. We have built a career being brought in on jobs that others failed at.